Nicos Avraamides is renowned for his exceptional, stylised photography and film camera work. He has exhibited worldwide and has been awarded many prestigious awards. For Nicos, the visual arts are a vocation – not a career. He started taking photographs at the age of fourteen and soon built up a successful career. Always seeking new challenges, Nicos took up film camera work to complement his stills photography, in 1992. He achieved great success and became a Director of Photography in 1997. Nicos has worked in that capacity in advertising, television documentaries, short and feature length films. He is constantly seeking new challenges and is always looking forward to the next project he’s working on.

0baebe5Lisa Tsouloupas   SET DESIGNER

Production Designer/Art Director, working as a freelancer for tv commercials and film since 1999. 
As well as freelancing for all local production houses in Cyprus, such as Greenolive Films, Media Studios, Semio Productions, services have been provided to numerous foreign productions shot in Cyprus. RSA Films, Happy Zingo, Neue Sentimental Film, Folke Film, Bacon CPH, Glass Film, Otto Films.

imagesChristopher Malapitan   ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE

Chris is a multi-talented individual, his talents range from animation, illustration, production and music. He is the creator of RAVEN’S ARM, a solo music project for which Chris creates melodic compositions with his vocals, acoustic guitar, cajon drum and looper pedal. Dead End is the first film he scored and loved every minute of it. He has collaborated with Director Tonia Mishiali before for two performances staged in 2011.

day 4_behind the scenes-24Costas Pitsillides   PRODUCTION MANAGER

Costas was working as a Producer / Production Manager in Lumiere Services (a television station and production house) 1990 – 2011. He has worked on numerous television commercials, documentaries and feature films, some of them awarded in festivals around the world. In 2011 he left Lumiere Services and started working as a freelancer Producer/Production Manager. He believes that the filming industry is one of the most exciting and challenging, jobs and he loves what he does!


Sound Designer and Production Sound Mixer based in Cyprus. Born in Leipzig and studied Sound Engineering at the Technological University Vicente Perez Rosales in Santiago de Chile, where he obtained his master degree as a Sound Engineer. Later he worked at the Filmosonido Studio in Santiago as a Foley Recordist. After his return to Cyprus he traveled to New York, where in the frame of a special program he worked for four months at the World Wide Audio studio as a trainee. During this period he worked as a Foley Recordist, Foley Artist and SFX Editor. 
In Cyprus he founded Soundpath Studio. For eight years he has been working in Cyprus offering sound services in the field of cinema and advertising. He has also cooperated with productions from Chile and Argentina, which have participated in several festivals, such as Cannes Film Festival.

248145_181816775306319_1529840347_nChristy Polydorou   COSTUMES

Christy was born in Nicosia. She has studied Drama in London and then continued her studies at Central Saint Martins from where she graduated with a BA and an MA in Scenography and Costume Design. Since she graduated she has been working with the National theatre and Independent productions. She has also worked as a freelance Production and Costume designer for commercials, television, and the Film industry.

meYvonne Kollesides   MAKE-UP & HAIR ARTIST

She has been messing around with cosmetics for as long as she can remember but became a ‘professional’ in the 80’s after attending classes at the wonderful London School of film, television and theatre make-up. Greasepaint… where she learnt all there was to know about hairstyles and make-up techniques through the ages and more! Born in London, but lived in Canada, Australia, Nigeria and now very happily in Cyprus…



Born and raised in Cyprus, Marios Neophytou first recognized his passion for hair at a young age. The aspiring artist started his career at the age of 20, when he began working for prestigious salons in the city of Nicosia. He then continued working as a Session hairstylist and quickly established himself as a preferred choice among his ever-increasing clientèle. Inspired and intrigued by nature’s balance and people’s uniqueness Marios set his own trends. Using each person’s attributes and lifestyle he manages to create unique styles and at the same time bring balance to their whole look. He became known to be able to create looks that transform the very fabric of hair. Marios has collaborated with major production companies in Cyprus and abroad and worked on advertising campaigns for Debenhams, Carrefour and Megalicious spots for Mega Chanel among others as well as features films, short film and theatres. Marios worked on a number of fashion advertisements for the Paris based designer Erotokritos – published in Vogue Paris & ID London – and also for the catalogues and look books of Cypriot fashion designers. His magazine editorial contributions since 2005 include Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Madame Figaro and other fashion oriented publications. Easy going, open minded, and sociable, with his personal innovative style and his creative mind, Marios Neophytou has evolved as an undisputed hairstylist of choice.


panikkos1Panicos Petrides   COLOUR CORRECTION & DCP

Panicos Petrides is an ICA certified colorist and award winning filmmaker based in Limassol, Cyprus. His company, Full Moon Productions, is one of the busiest production houses on the island, catering to the post-production needs of international projects. His personal photography work has been exhibited in New York and the UK and he has also directed a variety of commercials for the foreign market.


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